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Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Create Typography Illustration - Easy Solusion

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Hand lettering typography illustrations are really cool, but it takes a lot of skill to craft authentic artworks by hand with pen and paper. Typically this style of art is created by elite illustrators, but I’ve found an entirely digital technique that allows us mere mortals to create cool looking artwork too! Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to learn how to manipulate text within a silhouette shape and add texturing to produce a realistic hand drawn style typography illustration.
Hand lettering style typography illustration

Monday, April 14, 2014

How to create a colored sketch photo

We often seen photo sketch is in black or in gray. Today we will learn (I often say instead of I or me) how we can create a colored photo sketch from a real color photograph.
So, no more words here unnecessary as it is step by steps tricks to complete total total task; lets go
Open a colored photo in Photoshop, and go to layer plate for making a duplicate. Just from Layer>Duplicate Layer.
Layer Plate

With the new layer selected, convert the photo to a sketch. Just go to image> then, Adjustments> then, Desaturate.

 Now we are ready to apply a filter effect, again just go to Image>click on Stylize> then, click on Find Edges

 AND now, if you think, you need more to level, you can adjust by going to Image>Adjustments> then click on Levels.

Your image will appear like below

sketch gray image

Now the time to create another duplicate layer from the original background layer. Just click on Background layer at bottom, go to layer menu and click on Duplicate Layer.
Now, drag the newly duplicate layer to top (just hold on mouse and drag) From the top layer change the layer blending mode to "Hard Light" AND change the layer opacity to around 75%.Finally you have done!

colored sketched photo

If you have any question on this tutorial, please write as comment, I will be there. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simple logo - designed by adobe illustrator cs3

 Simple logo - designed by adobe illustrator cs3
Check a very simple logo designed by adobe illustrator cs3. It is helpful for newbie who 
want to be a designer, especially who want to adobe illustrator expert. With post, I didn’t explain how I have drawn it since I guess that you already have learned how to create and use object illustrator object and of course illustrator tools. You might see how the object been created and applied to logo.

... If there are any difficulties, please write on comments and I am ready to reply you.

See AI  file

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to Design a Glossy Web Button - Using Photoshop?

How to design a glossy web button - using Photoshop?

Using glossy web 2.0 button added more attracting atmosphere in recent web site design and increasing day by day.  It is true that almost web 2.0 button designed by photoshop. One of of the benefits is it is easily modifiable, re-sizable and fairly changeable.

glossy web button
Sample - Glossy Web Button
With this tutorial I will show you how you can design a glossy web 2.0 button through Photoshop. Look at the image and follow the step by step text instruction as well. 

Continue. ....................

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Impressisve Lession on Photoshop Blend Mode

Basically its a shared post, what i found very impressive and effective, would be helpful for my readers.Photoshop Blend Mode - an impressive lesson

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