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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Essential photoshop tool

Essential basic Photoshop Tool

In my first post Lession-01 where I had described the process of how to open photoshop and creating a new document. At the bottom of that post I also had mentioned that the next two - three post will be focused on most vital arms i.e photoshop tool.  
Main photoshop tool bar
Step1> move your cursor on 1st top right icon you will see the name of that icon i.e Rectangular marque tool (M).

step2- Click on the lower portion of that tool (a smaller arrow) you will see the more (picture-2) tools. This is the process wherever this small arrow click there  and you will get more new tools.   

step3 - move cursor on second left icon and click as i mentioned above the following (picture-3) tools will be seen. 

Here, I will discuss the the first band of main photoshop tool (six tools) i.e.
1. Move tool - to move selection or any object to any where of the image
2. Rectangular marque tool (M) - drag on a empty or an object for selection (simple selection)
3. Lasso Tool - mainly used to select very small spot of image and outline freehand
4. Magic wand tool- used for making selection of  similar color
5. Crop Tool - this tool mainly used for cutting  the portion of an image or object.
6. Slice Tool- Slice your image into different slices. Mainly used for web designing.

This six tools are commonly called selection tools and it is first band of total eight photoshop tool band.

please feel free to make any comments on this post, it's can be either good or not good no matter.

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