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Monday, November 29, 2010

Essential photoshop tool - Gradient Tool

Lesson - 5
Read Lesson-4

Gradient Tool is very important and effective for the both of web and graphic designer. To open gradient and paint bucket tool - Pres G  and Shift + G Alternatively.

photoshop gradient tool step 1

Using this tool is easy. Just click on tool and drug on a portion of selected area or on the canvus by holding the Shift key and see the result.

photoshop gradient tool step 2

 To familiarize yourself with this tool need to more and more practice. Try to give gradient in different angle.

Option bar
You could see the preset of option of this just upper portion of the window. It will show how the result will come.

photoshop gradient tool step 3
Gradient Option Bar

You can adjust option from here as you need

Gradient Editor

You can choose any of the following preset option and use it easily.

photoshop gradient tool step 4
Gradient Editor

photoshop gradient tool step 5

To create the new gradient - click on new and rename the preset.The lower portion of the editor image working as a preview. You can add or edit color, opacity of the gradient from here.
photoshop gradient tool step 6
Gradient Editor Preview

Basic difference of upper and lower sliders.

Upper slider indicate the Opacity and Lower slider  used for setting the new color.

photoshop gradient tool step 7
Gradient Slider

 Type of Gradient
There is 5 types of gradient used for different effect/result

1. Linear 
2. Radial 
3. Angle 
4. Reflected
5. Diamond
    Linear is default - lets go for see the behavior of the others

    Radial Gradient
      photoshop gradient tool step 8
      Angle Gradient
        photoshop gradient tool step 9 

        Diamond Gradient
          photoshop gradient tool step 10

          If you check reverse check - you can get the reverse effect instead of present.
          Bu using opacity and blending option you can design lots of different gradient effect.
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