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Monday, November 22, 2010

Essential photoshop tool

Today I will discuss on some important photoshop tools. Here is a few small snapshot which will demonstrate you abut the uses of those tools.

Healing Brush Tool : This is a nice tool and there is more tow parts like Patch and Color Replacement Tool.  Healing brush tool mostly used for correction of imperfect image and color. Just active it by a click and again click on a particular position of an image holding alt key and drag anywhere the image area.
Healing Brush Tool
Patch tool - mainly used for copy color or patter from one place to another. Just click on it and select a specific are of image or photos, then drug selected area to anywhere - you will see the difference.

Color replacement tool -used for transfer one color to another color. Choose a color from color plate and drug on image.
Color replacement
Photoshop Brush Tool : It is very important tool. Click on on small icon and start the painting or ornament or artworks. On the top of the window- a brush option tool can be seen and  you can change your brush settings like mood, opacity, flow, type etc. as you like.
Brush Tool & Pencil Tool

Clone Stamp Tool - Used for copy color from one place to another place. Active it and click (+ alt) on respective area of image and drug on anywhere, a copy of color will be seen.
Clone stump Tool & Pattern Stamp Tool
Pattern Stamp Tool- you can draw or design a pattern by using this tool. Click on it and choose different type of patter from patter menu then draw as you like.

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