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Saturday, November 6, 2010

bd - Photoshop-Tutorial - Photoshop-Tutorial step by step

Extracted from the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows...Image via WikipediaLession-01
bd - Photoshop-Tutorial has started its non-stop journey for the real or fresh beginners. Here I will describe how to start photoshop. Though it is new version of adobe but it is very similar to photoshop version 7. Only some new features have been incorporated with this new version.
do more, speak less
Come and follow the instructions
1. How to open photoshop and how is its welcome screen?
>Go to start (windows) > programs >Click on Adobe Photoshop
Open photoshop from windows
The following welcome screen will appear
Photoshop cs8 welcome screen

Here, click on close button
>Go to File and click on New
Measurement window

This is the measurement window for your new document and you are welcome to customize your documents name, size, resolution, color modes and background as well.

After giving your require measurements Click OK button

This is your new photoshop document and I named "my-new-documents"
Now you can put your text, image or any artwork on it
You will see a tool box just left corner of the window

Click on letter "T" then click on white document area and start typing (as I did)
>Go to file and click on save button and click on save (giving a name of your documents).
First documents
Latter, I will discuss about tools box (in details) because it is very important than any other topics. Without having the clear idea on photoshop tool box, nothing can be done or you won't be able to move forward. This is first journey by  bd - Photoshop-Tutorial
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