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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Create a Nice Photo Gallery : Using Photoshop

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How to create your own Photo Gallery  ? 
Ans. is very simple
This is a good opportunity to create a nice and eye catching photo gallery by using photoshop. Creating photo gallery by other media than photoshop is quite difficult and are not hassle free. But what about through photoshop? its very pleasant and easy.

Let’s go to create a Web Photo Gallery for your own Web or Blog Site:

Step1- Bring/copy all of your photos into a local folder

Go to File > Click on Automate > Web Photo Gallery

This is the Site Area and has to do the following:
You will see the lots of styles at Pop-up Menu. Choose yours one > Then  your chosen style will show in the new dialog box.

> Here, you need to put your email address what will be displayed as the CONTACT of the Photo Gallery.
> Here; you also will see the Pop-up Menu called “extension pop-up”  and you have to choose an extension for the generated files.

Now, we will work on Source Images:
Ø      Select your desired folder stored the images what you want to show in the web photo gallery then and click on OK button.
Ø      You will see a dialog box containing your folder name. Then choose your necessary folder including sub-folder as well.
Ø      Click on destination folder where you fancy to contain all the images,  HTML pages  and other resources of your lovely web photo gallery,  and do not forget to click on “OK Button”
And do the following:

> Give .htm extension for html files
> Select UTF 8 Encoding etc.
> Put other necessary web options

From the pop-up menu choose a banner and come with the following:
> You need to give a title for your site
> Provide all others related information as a photographer including contact information
> Here, you can add or edit banner text, size, expected font etc.
> From the option pop-up menu choose Large Images.

Don't hurry; the following tasks is just waiting for you -

You can specify your image size from pop up. You also can change the dimension of image here. For the image better quality - enter the value from 0 and 12.
> Specify the border around the image in pixels.

For Border Size, enter the width of the border around the image in pixels. Images title, credit, description can be fixed up here.

Setting home page options:  From popup menu - choose thumbnails and do as follows:

Ø      choose thumbnails values
Ø      enter columns and row numbers
Ø      customize colors from the options pop-up menu.

Here you will be able to change lots of option like thumbnails border, font color, styles, text alignment, title, copyright etc. as you like.

More Important:
Photoshop will create the following HTML and JPEG files in your target (destination) folder -
1. index.htm file and it will help to you to open your web gallery in any browser.
2. JPEG file – Inside in images subfolder
3. Others HTML files inside in pages subfolder
4. Thumbnail for JPEG images inside a thumbnails subfolder.

Friends, if this article is useful for a bit of your learning pls. comments on it.  Your any types of comments would come with higher value. 
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