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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Apply Easy Techniques to Photo Retouching

Original Image
Retouching on a old - lose color image, fade image or on a new image is very easy by using some Photoshop great techniques. This post would help to the basic learners who are intended to learn photoshop for image editing.

Here is the three photoshop Auto features to correct  your image -

> Open your image in Photoshop
> Go to Image Menu > Adjustment > Click on Auto Levels. You can see a little change inside in image.

Applied Auto Leves and Contrast
> Go to Image Menu > Adjustment > Click on Auto Contrast. 

Look! This Image become a little bit brighter and smoother then the Original Image.

> Go to Image Menu > Adjustment > Click on Auto Auto Color. Now it became with lots of changes and it returned in new life.

Final Image
Increasing Brightness and Contrast
After Applying above three commands you need to apply another command i.e.
Go to Image Menu > Adjustment > Click on Brightness/Contrast. You are advised to re-arrange the brightness/contrast slider as you need to perfect your image.

 Note: the person who doesn't know the advanced level image editing they can apply this techniques what is very easy and comprehensible.

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