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Monday, February 7, 2011

Learn- How to combine a photo into a text

combined photo into a text
Here is an exclusive post on "how to combine a photo in to a text". It is very easy and useful when you use photoshop.

Come and join with us
> Open a photo in your photoshop
> Double click on your photo layer to make work layer then;
> Click on text icon from tools box and type your desired text
keep it in mind ---- your text layer go on the below of photo layer.
Now hold on the ALT key and click on the thine divider line between the layer.
- This is your desired photo text.

Final Step
> Click on click your new text layer then go to blinding option
> Click on Drop Shadow + Emboss effect move the sliders for the both to get the desired effects as I did in my combined photo.
> Duplicate your photo layer and put it under the text layer and you can make a little bit change of it by up and down its opacity.

if you need more clarification please don't  hesitate to contact me through and make comments on the post. Your any comments would be appreciated to me.

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