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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eliminate Image Background - an easy solution

Photoshop has some extra special tools what could help you to remove image background easily.

Use Quick mask mode to remove your desired background.

Open Image through photoshop > On the layer plate > Double click on background layer  to make it as a working or target layer>

Go to the bottom of Photoshop Tools bar then click on Edit Quick Mask Mode (Q).


Click on brush from tools bar then change the brush option i.e. brush diameter, hardness etc.

Carefully/drag  brush on your image Except
background area what will be eliminated from your target image. You have to  brush on the image edges  with so much care.

Final Touch
After completion of selection > click on image standard mode on tools bard> you would see a selection is moving around your image. Here you can just press delete key then unexpected background will be gone.

Now you can add new background or any other affect it whatever you like.

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