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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to create a Facebook Business Page

Among the all social networking site facebook is little bit different for its great features. Creating and maintaining Business Pages through facebook are much easier than others network.
Almost facebook users are familiar with creating a personal profile and join in the Facebook community, sharing opinion, photos and others. But most of them are not familiar or adopted on using facebook business page for spread out their own business in front of the world largest community. They also have not the clear idea on facebook business pages.

It is very simple and comprehensive to understand that the any business user can create, mange and reached to their business goal though facebook business page.

Here are some Tips - what would help to those people who are ready to start their business through facebook.

How to set-up a business page
- First you need have the url:
(Note: before creating a page you need to be logged in facebook)
- You will see a wizard dialogue box what would help you to create a business page. There are three type of category. You can choose Brand or Product and choose a product from the drop-down list.
- Provide a good name for your business page. It could be your company name.
Finally, Click on Create Page Tab and you will get your new business page.

Furnishing your page:
In this stage you need to fill up some information about business, group, communities and products as well.
- Click on "Edit information" here you can add your information, description, products etc. You also can add your logo for branding your page.
- When your page is fully equipped by necessary information, then you need to click on the text written "publish this page".

Now your facebook business page become visible and you will get lots of fan of your page. Please note that this is your facebook fan page too.

You are the administrator of your but as like personal profile page your name and other details will not be shown any where of the page. You can add many administrators - your page administrating and maintenance purposes.  In this stage you need to become a fan of your own page with other fans. 

You also are requested to add some application on your page so that people can easily detect your page and can be able to aware of your business or products.


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Facebook account for your business might be a good idea. Your friends and family may not want to see all the updates about your business, just as your business associates may not want to know the details of your personal life.

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