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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learn how to Facebook Sign Up and Privacy Settings

Using Facebook is easy than any other social network site. But almost users do not know the original and distinct purposes of using facebook. With this post, I will try to post some more valuable facebook tips & tricks  what will help to create facebook account, manipulate its great feature.  Indeed it is facebook mini tutorials but informative and really would help those who are beginners.


How to reach Facebook?

Open your browser and type  and press enter or click on go. Here you will see the facebook registration page.

- Here, you should enter your name, your e-mail, a password, as well as your gender and birth date.  You will have the chance to choose your privacy settings later on in the tutorial. You may have to type in words for a security check - then click Sign Up

- Now, you have to check e-mail you registered with Facebook. You will have a message from Facebook with a verification link. Click on this link, which fly you to a Facebook confirmation page.

- I suggest you to click on Skip this step

- Now you should enter your detailed information including school, college, or work information.  This is your networks.  What help you to find other people – co-workers, old classmates, or other connections

- I recommend you to upload a photo to Facebook. Privacy settings can be added so that nobody but your friends can see your picture.  Also you can skip the photo as well

- Now, you will see the three options like; Find People You Know, View and Edit Your Profile, and Control What Information You Share. Type your friends name or e-mail address into the search box.  if you find them, click on  Add as Friend

-  Go to Home and click on View and Edit Your Profile. Basic Information contains  Age, Gender, Hometown, etc., Personal Information - Favorite Books, TV Shows, Music or whatever you like, Contact Information - Phone Number, Address, Websites and Education and Work.  Finally click on Save Changes

- Now, click on Control What Information You would like to share. In this stage you will get the Privacy Guide and read this from top to bottom. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link for Privacy Settings page

- Click on Profile Information >   Here, you can change the privacy setting for every  information on your profile. 

- After have chosen your settings, click on the Back to Privacy button then click Contact Information.  Keep the settings Facebook recommends, what is only shows your contact info to your friends.  hit on Back to Privacy button

These are the Part-1 Facebook Tips & Tricks; the Part-2 will be published soon.


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