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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Technical Writing - A Great Way to Earn Money

What is Technical Writing Job?
Technical writing job is same as general article writing job but only differences is that technical writer must be adequate on their specific field. Writers can write at home, at anytime. Its area is so big – from household to industry, science to arts and crafts. It is a mixed of technical and non-technical professional knowledge. A text book or users manual writer can write their competencies and experiences – for creating a user manual or a book let. The writers who are basically a graphics designer – can write about logo, book cover, leaflet, brochure designs techniques. A photoshop expert can write on how to omit image background from an image, color management, shape, controlling brightness and contrast etc and they can earn money by publishing their great products in different site that are pay for the article. 


As you are a new writer - you can write about your qualifications, expertise, competencies and skills because, you are not well-known person to the employers. Most of the employers are looking for the specific writers for the specific category of articles. 


As new technical writers – most of the employers doesn’t feel free to involve a new writer in their writing job. In this case you can promote and emphasized your expertise, your experiences and logical idea as you are a good writer. You will have to try more and more for convincing them about your quality of job. Try to communicate with employers by sending email, blog posting, using social network, comments of other blogs etc.

Before you offer yourself to get the technical writing job – you should create an eye-catching portfolio mentioning your skills and competencies. Write a sample of works giving lots of information’s and links so that people can aware of you.  It is true that the new writers can not draw attention of a professional customer, but they can offer their products to student and non-profitable groups. In this regards, they will market about you and your products to other audience.


Good Payee job sites like Freelancer,  Odesk, Elance etc. are often seeking some good technical writers for their Clients,  bid on that  and you would be able to write good cover letter, posting short profile and other portfolio.  Renowned customers are often looking for writers through those sites.
The group or the individuals who are working in the same filed you can communicate with them and could aware about you and your competencies. Some times they also look for some writer to complete their ongoing project.

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