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Friday, November 25, 2011

Learn Photoshop Layer Masks

Here I will try to demonstrate you one of the most tremendous powerful Photoshop tool i.e. layer masks. Newbie often confused with this tool, but once understood how they work, you won’t need the eraser tool anymore.

Layer Mask Basics

As all of you know, one of the most powerful Photoshop features is the option to adjust the same object again and once more and, if you’re not pleased, go back and go back to the original image. I’m not talking about the history timeline (ctrl+z), that allow you to eradicate the last steps, but of some functionalities that permit you to have full control on your layers at any time during your workflow. Layer masks stand for one of these functionalities.

I will go through with practical approach so we will bring some image from either web or local computer and open it in Photoshop. For unlocking the image double-click on the thumbnail of the image.

Benefit of Unlocking image is we will be able to move image withing the canvas.

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