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Friday, February 13, 2015

Blend two images into one like movie poster

Part One

In this Photoshop Effects tutorial, I’m going to show how to blend photos jointly like a movie poster. Blending photos is simple to do in Photoshop applying layer masks, until now finding two photos with similar colors isn't always so easy, and you end up with a photo effect that doesn't really seem to look right because the colors may different.

it was commited to give a clear-cut idea about the topic "Blend two images into one like movie poster" and this will be the chain of part one
With this technique, you don't need to worry about the colors in the images at all because I’ll be removing them totally and adding our own colors to blend the two photos effortlessly.

Here is the final look of my blending photo

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For doing this project we need two photos, if those are similar color size that’s very good, but not no problem we will do them manually.

This is my first image

This is my second image

As you can see my two images are similar color and sizes. Make them same size first. I guess, that you know how to resizing images by using Photoshop. 
Here is how to;
Just open image in Photoshop, go to image menu > click on image size and apply your desired dimension. LET’S MOVE TO the entire process.

Open Photoshop and bring second photo and place it covering about 60 percent of the main Photoshop document and place the first image on the top, So it looks like below;

Now, select image you want to apply layer mask. My case, I select image named wedding image5. From the layer plate click on “ADD LAYER MASK ” small button so, your targeted image will be covered by layer mask.

Then go to gradient effect at top left corner and choose the third plate where says, Black to white or black and white. Now, very critical step in front of you i.e. select the appropriate area and hold shift key and draw to down. I am suggesting you to do this couple of times for getting desired blending effect.  Red arrow are showing, how I have done it.

See the next image

image not found

In this stage you almost have done. Let’s go for some enhancements.
Merge both images in to one. JUST, hold shift + control + alt key and press E
Select on your new merged layer and it is time to Desaturate it.  Just hold shift+control+U

For see the results look to the image below;

I am taking a break for PART ONE here, hopefully part two will come soon.

If you get any trouble with this tutorial please, contact me through my facebook : khalil5172, email :

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